The Royal Burgh of Jedburgh

Long Distance Walking Routes

St Cuthbert's Way logo Jedburgh has been associated for over 11 years with the St Cuthbertís Way long distance walking route. Although not passing directly through the town the route is, in most cases, broken at Harestanes which is to the north of the community. With very limited accommodation and services for walkers in the immediate surroundings, Jedburgh has become the principal stopping point for accommodation between the first and second days walking. On the second day the St Cuthbertís Way comes even closer to Jedburgh around the Jedwater Foot and Mount Ulston areas.

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Borders Abbeys Way logo More recently in 2004 the Borders Abbeys Way was completed and this circular long distance route passes directly through Jedburgh. The town is one of five key locations where the walker will make an overnight stop making use of the wide range of accommodation from hotel through to campsite. For may coming from eastern England or the North Sea ferry ports Jedburgh is likely to be the starting and end point for the walker.

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Roman Heritage Way logo Another but less well-known route is the Roman Heritage Way. This was developed in 2003 and was established to offer walkers who wanted to walk in areas with strong Roman heritage to gain some alternative landscapes and interest to that on the Hadrianís Wall Path. This walking route takes in half of the Hadrianís Wall Path then heads along the northern section of the Pennine Way to then join Dere Street for its final northern section to the Roman Fort of Trimontium. The way passes to the east of Jedburgh passing by the Roman Fort at Cappuck and this is a stopping off point for walkers seeking overnight accommodation.

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For linear walks on all three of these routes as they pass close to or through Jedburgh, there is information on public transport that will allow you to enjoy these paths without the need to rely on private transport backup.

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